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Joel Cross

Software engineer and web developer

About me

I am an independent software engineer based in London, UK. I have been working with Python and Django since early 2010.

My professional experience

My first foray into professional software development was in the middle of 2008, where I worked for Lead Galaxy writing PHP scripts. Shortly thereafter I was involved in creating Drupal-based websites for Ediciones Puma and Certeza Unida (both sites are in Spanish). In early 2009 I was approached by UNELA University and asked to build them a simple library-cataloguing system in PHP/MySQL, which later became the Biblio Project.

On my return to the UK in late 2009, I decided that Python development was the way forward and subsequently found a job working for Cmed Technology developing eClinical solutions using Python, Django, GTK and PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu/Apache setup. A few years later I began working for Axicorda, where I was able to hone my Django and Javascript/JQuery/AJAX skills, working (amongst other things) on data analysis in the financial services industry.

After a little bit of soul-searching, I decided that Axicorda was not the place for me, so I began looking for work as a self-employed contractor. I quickly came upon a start-up named Eco Market who were in need of a developer. For much of my time here I was the sole developer, and learned a lot about working with startups and the technologies used in the e-commerce sphere (such as Solr), as well as the ins and outs of server configuration using Nginx and Gunicorn. I worked with them for around nine months before moving on to Potato, working on complex web applications for the likes of Google. Here I learned all about Google App Engine, and honed my front-end skills by learning how to use technologies such as Knockout.js, Google Closure and Grunt.


I hold an MSc in Creative Industries (Computing) from Birkbeck College, University of London, from 2014, which I passed with merit. I also hold a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (first class) from the University of Exeter, which I received in 2007.

Contact me

I’m interested in freelance projects all over the world. If you have a project you think I may be interested in, please get in touch.